Apple iPad Killing Laptops

Apple’s ongoing success with their new iPad is doing more than bringing in revenue for the technology giant.



 According to Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn in a Huffington Post article, the iPad has reduced sales of laptops by a startling 50%.

The success of the device is redefining the entire demographic for portable computing and providing a mid-range option for niche technology users. In other words, people who don’t need the functions of a full computer can save money and enjoy an iPad.

There seems to be two main categories of consumers of these devices. First off are those people who already have computers, but want the portability and style of the iPad. This involves a major portion of iPad owners.

Second, you have the people who don’t need all the functions of a full computer. I believe this is where Apple has found serious success. They have created a new option for people who don’t want or need to spend over $1000 on a computer. In that way, they have actually created a new demographic.

Apple users have now purchased over 35 million ebooks and seem to be reading more than ever. There are over 160 million iTunes accounts and the online store has sold almost 12 billion songs.

The iPad is proving itself and continues to do so with each new release. The latest: Twitter for iPad. Once the device has the ability to run the most popular web sites smoothly and comfortably, it could be hard to beat.

Would YOU rather have a laptop or an iPad?

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