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Download Disconnect for Web Browsing Privacy

In October, we wrote about “Facebook Disconnect,” an extension allowing users to keep their browsing information private from Facebook (without deleting their Facebook accounts). Now, Facebook Disconnect creator and ex Google engineer Brian Kennish has created one that keeps your information private from more than just the social network.

Kennish watched the Google Chrome extension reach 50,00 active users in just two weeks, according to TechCrunch. It was obvious to Kennish that keeping browsing information private would be a popular trend, and a new opportunity.

The engineer left Google so he could focus his efforts on a new extension… Continue reading

The Beauty of the Google Chrome O.S.

You might think the upcoming Google Chrome Operating System is just another Windows or Mac OS, but it isn’t. In fact, when Chrome O.S. is released mid-year 2011, your netbook will have the ability to function much faster.

The Chrome Operating System is designed around web applications and online “cloud” storage, as opposed to hard-drive based programs. This way, your computer will function much quicker even if it doesn’t have the fastest hardware to work with.

Not only will your applications load and function more quickly than on other operating systems, but Chrome O.S. logs you in immediately through your… Continue reading

Holiday Electronics: Hottest Bargain, Game, and Gift

The many electronic products released in the past couple of years are going to drive holiday sales in 2010. Devices like the iPad, smartphones, eReaders, and video games will be on millions of holiday wish lists, then sold by the millions.

You will view this article in one of two ways. Some of you will see it as a list of electronic products that will be great for your friends and family members. Some of you will see it as a list of electronic products that will be sold out and difficult to find. Either way, here is our take… Continue reading

Rating Applications for Android Market

Starting next week, Android applications available for download will be required to post a rating that determines for what age an app is appropriate. Any new or updated apps will require a rating by next week, and application developers that do not plan to update soon will be given just a couple weeks to add the ratings. If they don’t, their app will default to a “Mature” rating.

The confusing part about this change in the Android market is that the application developers come up with the ratings themselves. As noted in an article on, it is obvious that… Continue reading

Chrome Experiments: Play With the Future of Web Browsing

For those of you who have only heard about HTML5, prepare to experience it first-hand. Chrome Experiments, a website created by Google about a year-and-a-half ago, now has over 100 user-submitted experimental websites that show off the newest ways HTML5 technology can work with your web browser.

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