DEA Sex Scandal Report Reveals Sex Parties And Orgies

Reports released  this week by a federal watchdog group  has cast a glaring light on the misbehavior of U.S. federal agents in Colombia has also shed light on the pervasive culture of the sex tourism and prostitution in the South American country cast a glaring light on the misbehavior of U.S. federal agents in Colombia has also shed light on the pervasive culture of the sex tourism and prostitution in the South American country.

The report showed High-ranking Drug Enforcement Agency officials and their field agents threw wild sex parties with hookers hired by Colombian drug lords, the feds charged Thursday.

At least 10 federal workers partied with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels at private “living quarters” — as American taxpayers footed the bill for the playboy pad, according to a report released by the Justice Department.

The findings of the four-year review, issued Thursday by the Department of Justice inspector general, found 26 cases involving the solicitation of prostitutes abroad – with the DEA is mentioned in 19 of them – and, while report does not identify the country where the alleged sex parties occurred, it does mention the existence of designated “tolerance zones” where prostitution is allowed and which are a fixture of several cities in Colombia.

“Although some of the DEA agents participating in these parties denied it, the information in the case file suggested they should have known the prostitutes in attendance were paid with cartel funds,” the report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz states.

The romps “created potential security risks for the DEA and for the agents . . . potentially exposing them to extortion, blackmail or coercion.”

In one case, special agents allegedly bought prostitutes for a senior official’s farewell bash.

In another, a regional director failed to report his underlings were “frequenting a brothel,” according to the report.

Seven of the 10 agents, who were not named in the report, admitted they had been to the orgies, held between 2005 and 2008.

They were slapped on the wrist with two- to 10-day suspensions, according to the Justice report.

A DEA inspector defended the behavior by saying, “Prostitution is considered a part of the local culture and is tolerated in certain areas,’’ the report says.

Three special agents were also showered with money, expensive gifts and weapons from drug- cartel members.

The Justice Department inspector general uncovered the DEA’s sex parties after allegations arose about misconduct by the Secret Service and DEA agents in the 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia. The IG on Thursday released a 97-page report detailing the allegations, including an explosive charge that local drug cartels funded the “sex parties.”

The investigation focused on sexual misconduct at the DEA, FBI, US Marshals Service, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Regional Director of A Foreign Affair, an international dating service with offices throughout Colombia, says, “We routinely get US federal employees from DEA to Military in our offices, some looking for real relationships, but many just looking for party girls. They usually leave once they realize that we are a marriage service not a sex tour company. Also our staff has been trained to look for signs of men whom are married, keeping an eye open for the white ring on the left hand where a wedding ring was recently removed.” We are here to help men find that special Colombian lady, not to provide adult services to those few men who give the USA a bad reputation.”

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