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Home Elephant: Meet Your Neighbors

Social media has created more communication in our world, but has cut down on the personal interactions we have with others. We might have more “friends” than we’ve ever had before, but how many of them can we truly call friends?

Social media is an amazing phenomenon, but it is creating a social atmosphere that exists only in cyberspace instead of creating a social atmosphere that exists in the real world. While face-to-face interactions diminish more and more with the growth of the social media world, some new social applications are fighting against this trend.

A new website and application… Continue reading for Live Super Bowl Conversation

One of the best parts about watching sports is talking about them with your friends, but sometimes you find yourself either sitting alone in your living room with nobody to talk to or talking back and forth with one, maybe two, of your close buddies in a chatroom, Skype, or on your phone.

With, you have the chance to discuss NFL games live, while they are happening, with fellow fans and random rivals. comes from the same guys who gave you Dean Collins got tired of chatting only with a friend or two during games. He… Continue reading

ReThink Books Creates SocialBooks: Share Your Reading!

The technological socialization of reading books is here. SocialBooks is making it possible for publishers to publish their books as apps for iPad.

With “SocialBooks,” created by ReThink Books, you can now share what you’re reading more than ever. The soon-to-be-released iPad app will allow you to share specific excerpts from the book you are reading with your friends, discuss that excerpt, and even post media like videos and pictures to further explore the excerpt.

SocialBooks not only connects your friends with what you are reading, but it also gives them a chance to buy what you are reading.… Continue reading

Facebook Profile Changes Seem Pointless

Facebook’s re-design of its profile page has so far been met with harsh criticism, and for seemingly good reason. As pointed out by, Mark Zuckerberg enjoyed a pointless interview on 60 Minutes that simply re-hashed the details we know about him and introduced the minor changes to the Facebook profile page.

I am instantly reminded of LeBron James’s television special through which he betrayed his loyal Cleveland fans and announced his move to Miami in front of the entire world. There was no reason for it except to appease a massive ego.

The changes to Facebook are minor and… Continue reading

Facebook Throws Myspace a Bone

Everybody wins in the further Facebook integration into Myspace. Facebook could easily crush Myspace by simply allowing time to pass, yet they are choosing to merge the two social networks into one mess of social and media connections. Now, Myspace holdouts will be flooding Facebook and further validating its dominance in the industry.

Soon, you can log into your Facebook account directly from your Myspace account.

Myspace needed to revamp their site before this Facebook integration was announced, I suppose in an attempt to save face in some way or another, and has shifted it from a social network to… Continue reading