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ReThink Books Creates SocialBooks: Share Your Reading!

The technological socialization of reading books is here. SocialBooks is making it possible for publishers to publish their books as apps for iPad.

With “SocialBooks,” created by ReThink Books, you can now share what you’re reading more than ever. The soon-to-be-released iPad app will allow you to share specific excerpts from the book you are reading with your friends, discuss that excerpt, and even post media like videos and pictures to further explore the excerpt.

SocialBooks not only connects your friends with what you are reading, but it also gives them a chance to buy what you are reading.… Continue reading

Twitter Tip: Use Share Bookmarklet to Tweet Any Link

Gone are the dusty old days when you had to have a Twitter button on your site for folks to share it on the social networking site.

With Twitter’s “Share Bookmarklet,” you can instantly Tweet any website you visit. Instead of hunting down the little Twitter Share button on any site you wish to suggest to your friends and followers, you can simply click the share button on your toolbar.

When you click the button to share a site, you will see Twitter’s common pop-up window, showing the name of the Twitter account you are logged into and a space… Continue reading

Advertising in Your Twitter Timeline

Say goodbye to your advertisement-free Twitter feed.

Starting today, Twitter members will be seeing advertisements directly in their timelines (also know as Twitter Feeds). You will only see the advertisements if you use HootSuite, a type of third-party Twitter software, but the inclusion of advertising in Twitter feeds will eventually roll onto and into your timeline.

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Quick Fix Your ‘New Twitter’ Account

If you have tried to experience the New Twitter only to find that it has frozen your account and locked you in to a blank screen, you are not alone. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

When I clicked the option to try to the New Twitter, the screen immediately appeared as above. When I clicked any of the top menu options, nothing happened. When I clicked the Twitter logo to return to the home page, nothing happened.

I thought closing the web browser would help, but it did not. Then I tried restarting my computer,… Continue reading

The New Twitter is Here

If you have enjoyed the basic, simplified look and functionality of Twitter, you should savor the time you have left with it. In the next few weeks, Twitter will be slowly transitioning to a new design that will feature more options and abilities thanks to new partnerships with companies like YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo. Even though the two sites are linked millions of times a day, Facebook was not involved in the project. Seems like they might feel a little threatened by this expansion of their already popular competitor.

With the new Twitter design, you will have the ability to… Continue reading