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Apple Fans Rejoice: Flash is Fixed with Skyfire

The absence of Flash capability is one of the most notorious drawbacks of using new Apple technology. iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads do not have the ability to run Flash-based video on websites, but a new app called Skyfire will change that on Thursday. Continue reading

Apple iPad Killing Laptops

Apple’s ongoing success with their new iPad is doing more than bringing in revenue for the technology giant.



 According to Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn in a Huffington Post article, the iPad has reduced sales of laptops by a startling 50%.

The success of the device is redefining the entire demographic for portable computing and providing a mid-range option for niche technology users. In other words, people who don’t need the functions of a full computer can save money and enjoy an iPad.

There seems to be two main categories of consumers of these devices. First off are… Continue reading

New iPhone 4 to be Released End of June

On Monday, June 7th, Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the newest version of the iPhone.  The new iPhone 4 will be released to the public on June 24 and Jobs feels “…it’s the biggest leap we’ve taken since the original iPhone.”


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