Thousands Flee The United States

According to the web site, each year thousands of Americans leave the U.S. for a new home aboard. According to the main contributors of the site, there are many reason for this, including economical issue such as wages continuing to decline. Also crime is on the rise. The cost of health care in the US is a big problem, too. Americans pay more for health care than any other country, yet America ranks only 38th in the world in terms of health care. Lastly, education in the U.S. is extremely expensive. And getting in to a college can be very difficult even if you can afford it. [Name] is a 30 year resident of the U.S.. He moved his family back to Japan due to the cost of health care and education. Health care in Japan is free and the education is extremely high quality. Why should this concern us? He took his high income and his company back to Japan. Meanwhile, America continues to allow many immigrants in to the country, and most are primarily poor. When Americans leave they take their social security, their retirement benefits and IRAs with them. And many times the company jobs.

Education: Each year thousands of students travel abroad for education. Again this is a case of U.S. dollars flowing out of the country. One such student we talked with told us he was not able to get into medical school here, even with a 4.0 GPA and an IQ of 185. But he was able to get student loans totaling $250,000 and he qualified for medical school in the Dominican Republic. That’s more money flowing out of the U.S.. More and more Americans now travel abroad for education. Each year thousands of doctors come from India because America cannot educate doctors fast enough for the growing demand of an ailing society. The U.S. allows roughly 70,000 work visas for highly educated foreigners to come and work in the country. These companies insist that they cannot find skilled labor here, and that Americans just do not have the education needed to fill these jobs.

Health Care: Statistics show that for every one person coming to the U.S. for medical care, more than 12 travel outside the U.S. to countries like Thailand that average over 5,000 foreigners each day for medical care. Think about that: 35,000 patients each week travel to Thailand for medical care, while the U.S. averages only about 60,000 foreign patients per year who come for medical treatment. Most of the 60,000 come from poor countries with little or no medical care, while over 700,000 leave to get medical treatment in foreign countries.

Standard of living: The cost of living in many countries is a fraction of the cost needed to live in the U.S.. One expatriate, James, tells us, “Because many counties have such great transportation system there is no need to own a car. This saves me about $750 a month alone, with no need for gas, no car payment and no need for insurance. I can now afford a maid. I can afford a massage several times each week. I eat at restaurants every day. I wasn’t able to do any of those things in the U.S.. Medical care is so inexpensive for me now, I can just pay as I go and there is no wait. I can see doctors, same day, without an a appointment.”

The Editor of Escaping America states that by the year 2025 there will be more people leaving the U.S. than coming to it.

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