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Why The Beatles on iTunes is Big News

Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar/Files

Technology is constantly evolving, making information easier to access and offering entertainment in whole new platforms unfathomable even ten years ago. So why is everyone going nuts about iTunes latest release of music from The Beatles? Because Apple Inc. and The Beatles have not always seen eye to eye, and the world’s largest online music database never offered the most legendary band in the history of music in their database until now, according to a Huffington Post article.

Apple is obviously excited about the new release of Beatles music, which includes “the group’s 13 legendary remastered studio… Continue reading

Apple iPad Killing Laptops

Apple’s ongoing success with their new iPad is doing more than bringing in revenue for the technology giant.



 According to Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn in a Huffington Post article, the iPad has reduced sales of laptops by a startling 50%.

The success of the device is redefining the entire demographic for portable computing and providing a mid-range option for niche technology users. In other words, people who don’t need the functions of a full computer can save money and enjoy an iPad.

There seems to be two main categories of consumers of these devices. First off are… Continue reading