Facebook Movie Threatens Facebook President

Phrases like “soon-to-be classic” and “defines a decade” have already been used in early reviews of David Fincher’s new film about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, titled “The Social Network,” and Zuck should be worried.


It’s ironic that one of the first serious threats to Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg’s quiet reputation is a film entitled “The Social Network.”

When I heard about the movie, I immediately wanted to know if Facebook, or Zuckerberg, were involved in the production of the film in any way. At this point, we can safely say they are not.

In fact, Facebook and its 26-year-old billionaire president feel a sense of trouble deep in the pits of their stomachs. Most people don’t know how Facebook came into existence, and once you know the story, you will understand why it has been so hush-hush, and why Facebook has been in court since its inception 6 years ago.

Unfortunately for Facebook and Zuckerberg, their story is now being told by one of the Facebook generation’s favorite directors, David Fincher.

In short, the story of Facebook’s inception is a tale of deception. According to many sources, Zuckerberg stole the concept of Facebook from three of his Harvard classmates who originally asked for help on the idea as a school project. Soon after, Zuckerberg released Facebook as his own. Evidence also suggests Zuckerberg abused the soon-to-be-Facebook by offering student’s personal information to his friends.

“The Social Network” has been said to show Zuckerberg as smug, cocky, deceptive, and selfish. Whether he is really like that doesn’t matter; this film will define his reputation in 2010.

Most people know very little about Mark Zuckerberg at this point, and that could prove to be disastrous for him when “The Social Network” hits theatres.

David Fincher, if you don’t know the name, is most recognized for directing the classic “Fight Club,” but also directed the films “Zodiac,” “Panic Room,” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

If an up-and-coming art school graduate was directing “The Social Network,” Zuckerberg’s reputation might have stood a chance. Fincher’s reputation alone will bring in viewers across the country, not to mention the millions of people who will see the film simply because it is about their favorite social networking site.

Zuckerberg and Facebook have thought long and hard, and eventually decided that the best approach to dealing with “The Social Network” is to ignore it. Zuckerberg himself said he would not see the film, but who would believe that? I can see him now, in front of his notebook computer, watching the DVD he asked for.

Facebook hopes that if they ignore the film, at least the 500 million Facebook users will ignore it, too.

The reviews for the film are starting to roll in, and at the heartbreak of Zuckerberg, they are raving. When the director of a film as dark, poetic, and cult-classically famous as “Fight Club” directs the new movie about Facebook 2010, everyone is going to see it.

Whether you go because ‘it’s the guy who made Fight Club’ or because ‘it’s the guy who made Facebook,’ your opinion of Mark Zuckerberg will either start to exist or be altered significantly when you see “The Social Network.” Personally, I can’t wait.

Visit the official website for the film at

Are YOU going to see “The Social Network?”


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