The New Twitter is Here

If you have enjoyed the basic, simplified look and functionality of Twitter, you should savor the time you have left with it. In the next few weeks, Twitter will be slowly transitioning to a new design that will feature more options and abilities thanks to new partnerships with companies like YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo. Even though the two sites are linked millions of times a day, Facebook was not involved in the project. Seems like they might feel a little threatened by this expansion of their already popular competitor.

With the new Twitter design, you will have the ability to post and view not only pictures but videos as well. Other added features include a display of additional information and related content when you click on a specific tweet, and you will have the ability to view a user’s “mini profile” without navigating away from the page.

This will not only have a significant impact on social and casual users, but on the thousands of companies that use the social media network to connect with customers and build brand recognition.

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