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Nintendo 3DS is Sick (and Could Make You Sick)

3-dimensional movies and television have become interesting forms of media delivery, but what about 3D video games? At this point, they haven’t really exploded like 3D movies have, but the impending popularity is sure to come.

Video games are all about immersing yourself in a world other than the one you’re living in, taking on the part of another person. By bringing video games into three dimensions, combined with the fact that you are already controlling what happens on the screen, will bring them to another level.

Before major consoles start really pumping out 3-D based games, we will have… Continue reading

iPad 2 is Apple’s Hope Against Android

Apple’s iPad 2 will be released in three different versions. What does this mean? Essentially, Apple is attempting to take at least some of the Android users it lost, or never had in the first place.

Because smartphones powered by Android are currently available on more networks than the iPhone, which is limited to AT&T, they are quickly taking over the market. My smartphone, not one of the best, works very well on Verizon and is powered by Android. I enjoy 3G speeds, numerous applications (many of them free), and feel my phone (LG Ally), although not as technologically advanced… Continue reading

Living Your Life in 3rd Person!


Hardcore gamers have imagined this for years. I, myself, have wondered when this would be possible. Now, thanks to, you can finally start living your life in the 3rd person.

A lot of mainstream video games are played in 3rd person, where you can see the entire body of the character you are controlling in front of the camera. This is opposed to 1st person, in which you see through the eyes of the character.

We all live our lives in 1st person. However, if you are an avid fan of video games, you have probably wondered… Continue reading

OnLive MicroConsole to Challenge Xbox and Playstation

If you or your kids have been dying to get an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Nintendo Wii, but you don’t want to spend upwards of $300, you now have another option. It’s called the MicroConsole, by OnLive. With MicroConsole, you can bring OnLive to your HDTV and enjoy playing popular games with a wireless controller, just like Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. By the way, MicroConsole only costs $99.

OnLive is an online gaming service that allows users to play games online without actually downloading them or requiring a disc. Instead, the games are hosted on remote servers that… Continue reading

Twitter Tip: Use Share Bookmarklet to Tweet Any Link

Gone are the dusty old days when you had to have a Twitter button on your site for folks to share it on the social networking site.

With Twitter’s “Share Bookmarklet,” you can instantly Tweet any website you visit. Instead of hunting down the little Twitter Share button on any site you wish to suggest to your friends and followers, you can simply click the share button on your toolbar.

When you click the button to share a site, you will see Twitter’s common pop-up window, showing the name of the Twitter account you are logged into and a space… Continue reading