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Holiday Electronics: Hottest Bargain, Game, and Gift

The many electronic products released in the past couple of years are going to drive holiday sales in 2010. Devices like the iPad, smartphones, eReaders, and video games will be on millions of holiday wish lists, then sold by the millions.

You will view this article in one of two ways. Some of you will see it as a list of electronic products that will be great for your friends and family members. Some of you will see it as a list of electronic products that will be sold out and difficult to find. Either way, here is our take… Continue reading

Rating Applications for Android Market

Starting next week, Android applications available for download will be required to post a rating that determines for what age an app is appropriate. Any new or updated apps will require a rating by next week, and application developers that do not plan to update soon will be given just a couple weeks to add the ratings. If they don’t, their app will default to a “Mature” rating.

The confusing part about this change in the Android market is that the application developers come up with the ratings themselves. As noted in an article on, it is obvious that… Continue reading

Enjoy Amazon Sales Tax Evasion While It Lasts!

Take advantage of online shopping this Christmas, particularly at sites like and; next year, the lack of online sales tax on sites like these will most likely be just a memory.

A story from posted on November 19th outlines the ways avoids charging sales taxes on its products and, whether they intend to or not, steals sales from huge retailers like Apple and Best Buy. Law states that a retailer like Amazon only needs to charge sales taxes in states that have a strong company presence. In other words, Amazon doesn’t need to charge sales taxes… Continue reading

Amazon ‘Give As A Gift’ Feature = Nook Advantage

When you buy someone a book as a gift, you have experienced one of two things: a) you heard from that person that they specifically wanted that book or b) you have read the book yourself and know they would like it.

So how does this relate to the new feature offered by Amazon and its Kindle e-book reader? Well, now you can use Amazon to send an e-book as a gift to anyone who has an email address, according to Unfortunately, if that recipient owns a Nook, they will have to find another way of reading it… Continue reading

Facebook Throws Myspace a Bone

Everybody wins in the further Facebook integration into Myspace. Facebook could easily crush Myspace by simply allowing time to pass, yet they are choosing to merge the two social networks into one mess of social and media connections. Now, Myspace holdouts will be flooding Facebook and further validating its dominance in the industry.

Soon, you can log into your Facebook account directly from your Myspace account.

Myspace needed to revamp their site before this Facebook integration was announced, I suppose in an attempt to save face in some way or another, and has shifted it from a social network to… Continue reading