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For Fun Only: A Water-Propelled Jet Pack, JetLev Flyer

Chances are you will never try what we are discussing today on 1stWorldView, but it’s so cool we have to talk about it: a water jetpack.

If you ever played GameCube’s Mario, you probably remember the water jetpack/blaster, allow you to wreck enemies while floating around wherever you pleased – as long as you had water for it to function.

Well now, thanks to Raymond Li, you can try one out for yourself.

If you want to fork out around $100,000 in March, which most of you won’t, you can enjoy your very own water jetpack. The device works while… Continue reading

ReThink Books Creates SocialBooks: Share Your Reading!

The technological socialization of reading books is here. SocialBooks is making it possible for publishers to publish their books as apps for iPad.

With “SocialBooks,” created by ReThink Books, you can now share what you’re reading more than ever. The soon-to-be-released iPad app will allow you to share specific excerpts from the book you are reading with your friends, discuss that excerpt, and even post media like videos and pictures to further explore the excerpt.

SocialBooks not only connects your friends with what you are reading, but it also gives them a chance to buy what you are reading.… Continue reading

Starbucks: Moving Us Towards a Cashless Society

It seems like cash is disappearing from the planet. I have been known to family and friends to be generally cashless, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to buy a drink on a plane with a $10 bill. And it doesn’t mean I don’t have money, right?

As time goes by, less and less attention is given to cash and its importance when it comes to just having money. When you pay with cash, the only error is blatant human error right in front of your eyes; mathematical errors, simple enough to spot, on the spot. Nobody can say… Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS for $250 in March, Decent Game Releases

The Nintendo 3DS handheld video game system will be released on March 27th, 2011.

According to major sources including, the handheld system will be sold starting at $250. The system, although visually similar to the last version of the Nintendo Duel Screen system, has a lot more to offer.

First of all, and most obviously, the system is the first to offer mainstream 3D gaming in a handheld system. The amazing part about the 3DS is that it never requires you to wear special glasses to enjoy the three-dimensional effects. The Nintendo 3DS offers you a wider touchscreen,… Continue reading

Technology: Helping to Make Murderers Famous

Technology helps and it hurts.

When a man pulls a gun, shoots and kills innocent people, and ends up on the cover of TIME magazine within a couple of weeks, something is wrong.

We learn about the incident in full detail, including video footage and interviews from the scene. We learn about the shooter’s motives, down to a YouTube video he posted before the act. We even know details of the MySpace post he made beforehand. All on our cell phones and lap tops and iPads and televisions.

In the past, we had to seek out news. Now, it comes… Continue reading