Twitter Tip: Use Share Bookmarklet to Tweet Any Link

Gone are the dusty old days when you had to have a Twitter button on your site for folks to share it on the social networking site.

With Twitter’s “Share Bookmarklet,” you can instantly Tweet any website you visit. Instead of hunting down the little Twitter Share button on any site you wish to suggest to your friends and followers, you can simply click the share button on your toolbar.

When you click the button to share a site, you will see Twitter’s common pop-up window, showing the name of the Twitter account you are logged into and a space for your 140-character comment and website link.

Using Share Bookmarklet is incredibly easy. All you have to do is CLICK HERE, then drag the “Share on Twitter” button up to your web browser’s toolbar. That’s it; now you can share any site you are visiting, whether it has a Tweet button or not.

We are not saying this is some incredible new browsing tool; instant toolbar sharing has been around for a while, but Share Bookmarklet makes it easier than ever.

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