iPad 2 is Apple’s Hope Against Android

Apple’s iPad 2 will be released in three different versions. What does this mean? Essentially, Apple is attempting to take at least some of the Android users it lost, or never had in the first place.

Because smartphones powered by Android are currently available on more networks than the iPhone, which is limited to AT&T, they are quickly taking over the market. My smartphone, not one of the best, works very well on Verizon and is powered by Android. I enjoy 3G speeds, numerous applications (many of them free), and feel my phone (LG Ally), although not as technologically advanced and perfect feeling as an iPhone or a Droid, accomplishes the same tasks for a small percentage of the cost.

The same goes for Android tablets, but not for long. If the rumors are true, which they so often are, Apple’s iPad 2 will be offered in three different versions, one of which will fully support the wireless configurations offered by Verizon. According to’s GadgetLab, the iPad 2 will likely be released around April 2011, with 3G available from multiple carriers.

Currently, the only way Apple’s original iPad can utilize a 3G network is with a MicroSIM card from AT&T; other than that, you need use Verizon’s “MiFi” mobile hotspot, or your general WiFi connection.

At this point in time, the UMTS wireless configuration is being used by AT&T and T-Mobile. The CDMA wireless configuration is being used by Sprint and Verizon. When the iPad 2 is released, it will be available in three different versions. One of these versions, again according to rumors, will support the CDMA wireless configuration.

This means that 3G support for the iPad 2 will be available on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

The current 3G support for the iPad, provided by AT&T, is sold on a month-to-month basis, allowing subscribers to opt out of their contract at any time. Will this be the case with Verizon? If not, I don’t think it will seriously hinder the iPad 2’s affect on the Android tablets.

This is all about tablets, but they aren’t Apple’s only focus. Even before the iPad 2 release will be the introduction of the iPhone 2, once again according to rumors. If the iPhone 2 and the iPad 2 are as big of hits as we assume they will be, are available on all four major carriers mentioned, and offer a month-to-month contract system, Android has a serious problem to deal with in the future.

This is all under the assumption that Apple will get over its fear of Flash with the iPad 2 and the iPhone 2.

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