Facebook Throws Myspace a Bone

Everybody wins in the further Facebook integration into Myspace. Facebook could easily crush Myspace by simply allowing time to pass, yet they are choosing to merge the two social networks into one mess of social and media connections. Now, Myspace holdouts will be flooding Facebook and further validating its dominance in the industry.

Soon, you can log into your Facebook account directly from your Myspace account.

Myspace needed to revamp their site before this Facebook integration was announced, I suppose in an attempt to save face in some way or another, and has shifted it from a social network to essentially another media sharing community. If they didn’t integrate this into Facebook, or Facebook into Myspace, do think they would have had any chance against YouTube?

For Myspace, and Facebook, and users of both networks, this is a win-win situation. Myspace users will enjoy the new integration. Myspace will avoid being completely crushed and erased by Facebook. Facebook will begin making more profit from integrating Myspace, if not immediately, than over time.

I’m naturally visualizing the image of a small shop owner being dominated by the Walmart that moved in next door, except the shop owner gets to open up a little kiosk inside of the Walmart. Or, I guess technically in this case, Walmart starts offering its products inside the small shop. Either way, Walmart wins.

Myspace has to be jumping for joy at this opportunity to save itself, but is this the beginning of the end? When it began revamping their site to have an alternate focus towards media sharing, it seemed like they were just making an attempt to avoid the massive Facebook fist. But now that announcements have been made regarding the integration of Myspace into Facebook, we can see this was simply an adjustment to a new way of life.

Do you still use Myspace? Now that Facebook has joined forces with Myspace, will you start using your dusty old Myspace account?

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