BP Oil Spill Workers Getting Sick while a New MMS Drilling Permit is Issued

Members of the crews working to clean up the BP oil spill are beginning to show signs of illness brought on by the chemical dispersants being used by BP. Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, says it was something in the food.


The Chief of BP stated that there is a possibility the sickness is a result of the oil spill, but that it is more likely to have been brought on by food poisoning.

The symptoms of the crew workers include nausea, vomiting, headache and shortness of breath. The chemical used by BP to break up the oil, Corexit 9500, warns of these same symptoms when using the product.

Furthermore, experts in treating food poisoning pointed out that nosebleeds and shortness of breath are not common symptoms of food poisoning.

Tony Hayward has pointed BP’s tired finger once again, but it won’t help. He will eventually be forced to face the facts: BP used a chemical dispersant that made things worse for the oil spill recovery, the environment, and the people involved in the cleanup.

Much like the denial of oil plumes, BP would be much better off accepting blame at this point. The world knows BP is responsible for the spill, along with other organizations, but BP doesn’t seem to accept that. Even when workers and volunteers get sick because of the oil spill recovery efforts, BP denies it has to do with the spill.

Different sources have suggested that BP offer some forms of breathing apparatuses or gas masks to its cleanup crews, but those suggestions have been ignored. The U.S. Government could step in here and turn those suggestions into orders.

Obama’s Deepwater Distractions

The Obama Administration, through an address by the President, announced that tax cuts that have existed for Big Oil will be removed and the extra funds will be used to research and develop healthier, alternative forms of energy.

President Obama said that the deepwater oil industry has too much inherent risk to rely on as a primary source of energy. In turn, the U.S. will begin utilizing money gained from rolling back tax cuts for the oil industry to fund alternative options like natural gas and nuclear power.

While the Obama Administration is making significant attempts to change the focus of U.S. energy dependence, they are also continuing to allow new offshore drilling.

The Minerals Management Service issued a new offshore drilling permit to Bandon Oil and Gas, LP. The site will be located 50 miles off of the Louisiana Coast and will be located 115 feet underwater.

This comes just after the Obama Administration allowed a 3-week ban on shallow water drilling to expire. According to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, deepwater drilling takes place in waters 500 feet deep or more.

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