Advertising in Your Twitter Timeline

Say goodbye to your advertisement-free Twitter feed.

Starting today, Twitter members will be seeing advertisements directly in their timelines (also know as Twitter Feeds). You will only see the advertisements if you use HootSuite, a type of third-party Twitter software, but the inclusion of advertising in Twitter feeds will eventually roll onto and into your timeline.

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Quick Fix Your ‘New Twitter’ Account

If you have tried to experience the New Twitter only to find that it has frozen your account and locked you in to a blank screen, you are not alone. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

When I clicked the option to try to the New Twitter, the screen immediately appeared as above. When I clicked any of the top menu options, nothing happened. When I clicked the Twitter logo to return to the home page, nothing happened.

I thought closing the web browser would help, but it did not. Then I tried restarting my computer,… Continue reading