Texting Censorship, by Apple (of Course)

On Tuesday, Apple received a patent they applied for in 2008. Officially titled “Text-based Communication Control for Personal Communication Device,” the patent describes the way Apple plans to help parents rid their children’s text messages of “objectionable content.” Many people believe this patent is geared to stop one thing: “sexting.”

Essentially, the new feature would allow the user of a phone to determine what content is “objectionable” to them and censor that content in future text messages. When said content is discovered in a text message, the objectionable words will be removed or the text will simply not be sent.… Continue reading

New iPhone 4 to be Released End of June

On Monday, June 7th, Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the newest version of the iPhone.  The new iPhone 4 will be released to the public on June 24 and Jobs feels “…it’s the biggest leap we’ve taken since the original iPhone.”


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Flash Animation: Adobe Abandons Apple, Joins Google

In a decision that was expected for some and a surprise for others, Adobe announced that it would stop developing technology that would allow Apple’s new iPad and upcoming iPhone to work with Adobe Flash. Continue reading

WorldView Technology: Apple iPad

The iPad works if you want it for the right reasons.

Apple has always seemed to create the easiest technology to use, but major selling points for some people can be serious limitations for others.

Let’s take iTunes, for example. Having used the program for many years, I can say that it features the easiest interface, as far as media organization goes, that I have used. At the same time, any music I purchase on iTunes cannot be used in any media players except those from Apple, unless I change the format of the music files.

You can understand my… Continue reading

Internet Data Centers: The Cloud’s Carbon Footprint

If you haven’t heard of the term “cloud” or “cloud computing,” you will hear a lot about it in the near future. Essentially, it’s just another word for the internet. The term specifically refers to the idea that the internet has become a “cloud” of information accessible anywhere with the introduction and growth of mobile devices. The sources of this “cloud” are the giant servers these major companies run to send out information using incredible amounts of energy.

Major companies in the technology industry are facing harsh criticism about the energy consumption of their data centers. Giants like Facebook, Google,… Continue reading