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Chrome Experiments: Play With the Future of Web Browsing

For those of you who have only heard about HTML5, prepare to experience it first-hand. Chrome Experiments, a website created by Google about a year-and-a-half ago, now has over 100 user-submitted experimental websites that show off the newest ways HTML5 technology can work with your web browser.

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Adobe Releases HTML5 Widget for Video

Have you ever tried to open up a website or video only to find a small clip-art image of that broken file? That’s because you didn’t have Flash, a plug-in for your web-browser that allows you to view videos. Now, with HTML5 and Adobe’s new widget, that won’t matter nearly as much.

Just today, Adobe released a new widget on their widget browser allowing programmers to embed videos in their websites using HTML5, without requiring the Flash Plug-in. If you try to open that video with a browser that does not support HTML5, it will revert back to the Flash… Continue reading