The Beauty of the Google Chrome O.S.

You might think the upcoming Google Chrome Operating System is just another Windows or Mac OS, but it isn’t. In fact, when Chrome O.S. is released mid-year 2011, your netbook will have the ability to function much faster.

The Chrome Operating System is designed around web applications and online “cloud” storage, as opposed to hard-drive based programs. This way, your computer will function much quicker even if it doesn’t have the fastest hardware to work with.

Not only will your applications load and function more quickly than on other operating systems, but Chrome O.S. logs you in immediately through your Google account. According to, when you load up Chrome O.S. for the first time, you will be asked to log in with your Google account information. If you don’t have Gmail or another Google-based account, you will need to sign up for one to use Chrome O.S.

The beautiful part comes when you use someone else’s Chrome-based computer. Because the Google Chrome Operating System functions primarily through use of the “cloud,” you can log on to ANY Chrome O.S. computer and gain access to your personalized desktop, your bookmarks, and even the apps you have downloaded. All you need to do is sign in with your Google account when you log on. In other words, you could sign on to your friend’s computer and see every application you have downloaded. You will also see your very own display settings, bookmarks, and other customizable details.

I have a Toshiba netbook and I have to say that I’m a bit excited about the release of Chrome O.S. I’ve had my netbook for about a year and it runs the internet pretty quickly, but opens programs and generally functions at a snail’s pace compared to modern desktops and regular laptops. But with Chrome O.S., I hope it will speed up. Using web-based applications instead of download and loading programs to your system will definitely make a difference, and there is obviously an appeal when you can load up your own system on someone else’s computer (without paying for it). Like most Google products, it will likely be available at no cost.

The Chrome Web Store which launched on Tuesday started up with 500 available apps for download, but will be growing quickly. If you currently use the Chrome web browser, you can also access this Web Store and download applications for your computer.

Google, as opposed to Apple, is making an attempt to unify the technology we are using. Not only can you access the web quicker with Chrome O.S. and downloadable apps, but they even allow Chrome browser users to access these applications.

Chrome O.S. is not only designed for the upcoming Samsung and Acer netbooks powered by the operating system, but for people like me who have slow-running netbooks. If Chrome O.S. is actually free, I think it will be a bigger success than Google might have expected.

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