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“A Life on Facebook” (Have you seen this?)

As an enthusiast of both technology and film, I had to post this. Let us know your thoughts.

UPDATE:  The video “A Life on Facebook” was unfortunately removed from YouTube due to claims of copyright infringement from ABKCO.  The infringement occured most  because the video uses a popular song by the Rolling Stones, which ABKCO owns the rights to.

Facebook Disconnect for Web-browsing Privacy

Facebook users have been quite vocal about the social network’s recent privacy issues, but Google engineer Brian Kennish has come up with a solution that will keep your web browsing information from Facebook without forcing you to delete your Facebook account.

One of Facebook’s most popular features is called “Facebook Connect.” Basically, the feature allows you to post content directly to your Facebook page while you browse the internet. When you read an article online and click the Facebook ‘like’ button to share it with your friends, you are using Facebook Connect.

Privacy, however, is the thorn in Facebook Connect’s… Continue reading

Facebook Security Breach: Not Very Significant?

The supposed “breach” of Facebook by the social network’s third-party applications has been a major news story since The Wall Street Journal printed an article that made the situation sound worse than it was.

According to BBC News, a number of third-party application developers were accessing personal information of an unknown number of Facebook uses and relaying that information to companies and advertisers. Although many Facebook users see this as another major problem with security, the situation actually isn’t very worrisome.

Third-party developers make programs to use within Facebook, called “Applications.” These applications often utilize cookies, small bits of… Continue reading

Facebook ‘Like’ Button Coming to Real Life

If you think you see the Facebook “Like” button a lot now, be prepared to see it even more. According to an article on TechCrunch, a new service called Likfy will allow businesses to add a “Like” button to their products – in real life, not on the computer.

The Facebook “Like” button is everywhere. In fact, you can scroll to the bottom of this blog post and “Like” it. But, have you ever wondered if the Facebook “Like” button could break through the boundaries of the internet and enter into the real world? Probably not, but it’s already… Continue reading

Facebook Co-founder Discusses ‘The Social Network’ (kind of)

On CNBC’s guest blog today, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin posted an article he titled “What I Learned from Watching ‘The Social Network.’” According to his post, his relationship with Facebook seems as strong as ever.

Eduardo Saverin provided original and ongoing funding to start “thefacebook,” only to be cut out of the company by Mark Zuckerberg around the time the network hit one million members.

The movie “The Social Network” is based on a novel by Ben Mezrich, but the information for the novel was provided through interviews with Saverin. After those interviews, Facebook re-evaluated and adjusted its relationship with… Continue reading