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Has Angry Birds Really Gotten This Popular?

In a video filmed by Electric Pig’s Mike Cooper, a real-life Angry Birds is enjoyed on his son’s birthday. Remember, it’s just a cake.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular smartphone and tablet games around. Basically, you use a slingshot to send “angry birds” across the screen at green pigs. As the story goes, the pigs stole eggs from the birds’ nest, and so the fight begins. You need to break down destructible structures to destroy some of the pigs, and the overall gameplay turns out to be very puzzle-like in the end.

But are smartphone and tablet… Continue reading

Goodbye to The Streets with Computers and Blues

This is not an album review, but a farewell.

Specific musicians and music has mold my brain through the first 26 years of my life, but none more than Mike Skinner and The Streets.

It’s funny, considering how much music surrounds us in the US, that I would be most influenced by a British musician, MC, and poet.

I connected with his observations of life and the chaos and joys within it, but the biggest realization he gave me was the similarity of people around the world. It surprised me at how closely his commentary related to my friends and… Continue reading for Live Super Bowl Conversation

One of the best parts about watching sports is talking about them with your friends, but sometimes you find yourself either sitting alone in your living room with nobody to talk to or talking back and forth with one, maybe two, of your close buddies in a chatroom, Skype, or on your phone.

With, you have the chance to discuss NFL games live, while they are happening, with fellow fans and random rivals. comes from the same guys who gave you Dean Collins got tired of chatting only with a friend or two during games. He… Continue reading