For Fun Only: A Water-Propelled Jet Pack, JetLev Flyer

Chances are you will never try what we are discussing today on 1stWorldView, but it’s so cool we have to talk about it: a water jetpack.

If you ever played GameCube’s Mario, you probably remember the water jetpack/blaster, allow you to wreck enemies while floating around wherever you pleased – as long as you had water for it to function.

Well now, thanks to Raymond Li, you can try one out for yourself.

If you want to fork out around $100,000 in March, which most of you won’t, you can enjoy your very own water jetpack. The device works while connected to a device that floats in the water and provides the flow of water, allowing you to fly up to 33 feet in the air and up to 22 miles per hour, according to Engadget.

Although the practical use for this water jetpack is under obvious scrutiny, the fun factor is enough to sell at least a few of them. It will be no surprise when you see water jetpack rentals at major lakes and beaches in the near future, especially since most people would rather buy a house than a water jetpack.

Either way, this is fun, new, and exciting. Who knows – we may be flying around with jetpacks instead of sitting in traffic in the semi-near future. Unfortunately, the need for water with this jetpack limits it to certain locations, and does not allow for actual travel.

Hopefully Li will find success with his invention and we will be able to try it sometime in the future. Keep an eye out, and check out the video on Engadget for a better idea. Check out

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  • Monex says:

    …………………By on Raymond Li first brought JetLev his water jetpack concept into to the world back in 2005 and filed for a patent in the same year. So if you have been dreaming of riding high on water propulsion you will soon be able to get your very own for just shy of 100 000..When airborne the pilot of the JatLev jetpack becomes weightless due to a combination of forces watch the video after the jump to see the JetLev Water-Propelled Jetpack in action..The JetLev allows you to sore up to 10 metres above water at a maximum speed of 35 kilometres per hour with the pump and mechanics of the JetLev staying on the waters surface at all times..

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