New Solar System Includes Earth-like Planet

If confirmed, this could be the richest system of planets we have discovered outside of our own.


This artist's impression made available by the European Southern Observatory Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2010, shows the remarkable planetary system around the Sun-like star HD 10180. (AP)

A Sun-like star has been spotted by scientists that is said to include 7 orbiting planets, one of which resembles Earth, according to a recent article published in Yahoo! News.

If it is confirmed, the star HD10180’s planetary system would be the richest one found after 15 years of ongoing research.  One astronomer speculates this as an addition to increasing evidence that our universe is full of different planets, many of which could resemble Earth.  

The new star and its planetary system is located over 100 light years away and measuring its planets is an ongoing process.  Many have concluded that searching for a planetary system around a particular star is like trying to find a “dim candle in front of a raging forest fire.”  Despite the difficulty, based on many factors, scientists are staying optimistic about their new discovery.  

Planets found outside our solar system are called Exoplanets. Through 15 years of research, astronomers have identified 450 in the universe.  This latest discovery, however, is the closest one to resemble our own solar system with 7 planets.  Most of the solar systems we come across have just a few planets that are very large and uninhabitable.  

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5 Responses to New Solar System Includes Earth-like Planet

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  • Chris says:

    I personally find it surprising that people deny other life in the universe. If a person truly comprehends the size of the universe, how could he or she believe other earth-like planets with similar, if not more advanced life, don’t exist?

    Even if there weren’t Earth-like planets that could foster new life the way we understand it, that would not erase the possiblity of other life existing in the universe, in other ways we don’t understand. The farest reaches of the universe are still a mystery and could hold new surprises and realities we just haven’t even thought of.

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