Daily Archives: August 26, 2010

Google Voice Challenges Skype

Gmail got a little more competitive on Wednesday as Google unveiled its Google Voice phone service designed to allow its users to make free phone calls directly from their email inbox.


In a major move to challenge the success of Skype, Google is basically offering every Gmail user a way talk on the phone for free, at least in 2010, to landlines and cell phones in the United States and Canada. Not only can Gmail users call any phone numbers, but they will also be assigned their own Gmail phone numbers. That way, phone users can call Gmail Voice users… Continue reading

Antimatter Research Kicks Off

A massive particle detector designed to help scientists find antimatter is scheduled to dock on the International Space Station February 2011.
A computer generated image showing AMS-02 mounted to the ISS S3 Upper Inboard Payload Attach Site. (Credit: NASA/JSC)


A machine developed to find antimatter in space has just begun its preliminary steps toward its voyage to the International Space Station scheduled for February 2011, according to an article in Yahoo! News.  

The European Center of Nuclear Research, or CERN, has built the 8.3-ton device to be docked onto the International Space Station for twenty years… Continue reading