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EPIC FAIL: BP Cuts 40,000 Filed Claims

A BP Representative announced at the end of last week that approximately 40,000 of the claims made by victims of the BP Oil Spill might not be paid in full, if at all.


Using UV Light (Tar is Yellow, Clean Sand is Purple)


Instead of living up to their claim that normalcy would be restored to those affected by their oil spill, BP announced that they would be cutting reparations of those who submitted “incomplete claim files.”

While BP continues to struggle with appeasing the American public, particularly those in the Gulf States, the company has once again… Continue reading

Dying BP Gas Stations and 27,000 Abandoned Gulf Wells

Gas Station owners who acquire their gas from BP, whether located in one of the 5 affected Gulf States or not, are changing their names and shifting their suppliers to simply stay in business.


Did BP Really Set Itself Up Like This? Yes, This Is A Real Game!

Due to national boycotts of anything and everything tagged BP, the individual distributors of their gasoline are feeling the punishment. 

Gas station owners who have made supply deals with BP and other connected companies are changing the names of their establishments, finding new suppliers, and doing anything they can to detach… Continue reading

BP Tar Balls in Texas

Tar Balls landed on a Texas beach Monday, confirming that the BP Oil Spill has officially affected all of the U.S. Gulf states.

Officials are wondering whether the tar balls arrived on the beach naturally or were carried along with boats moving from the area. Either way, the BP Oil Spill has now reached every Gulf state in the U.S.

If the publicly built-up relief wells do not do their part in stopping the oil gushing from the riser of the Deepwater Horizon rig, this spill could continue for up to 2 years.

We should remember that the natural well… Continue reading

Bob Dudley Answers America’s Questions for BP

Ask BP a Question! July 1, 3:30 PM ET,