Containment Cap

BP Oil Spill Stopped!

After many months of failed attempts, BP has finally succeeded in stopping the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, at least for now. This is only the beginning.

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BP Stops Testing Oil Cap

Today, the US Government requested that BP hold off on its testing procedures of the containment cap due to worries that an unforeseen incident could make the spill worse.

Thad Allen Update: Oil Spill Containment Cap

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EPIC FAIL: BP Cuts 40,000 Filed Claims

A BP Representative announced at the end of last week that approximately 40,000 of the claims made by victims of the BP Oil Spill might not be paid in full, if at all.


Using UV Light (Tar is Yellow, Clean Sand is Purple)


Instead of living up to their claim that normalcy would be restored to those affected by their oil spill, BP announced that they would be cutting reparations of those who submitted “incomplete claim files.”

While BP continues to struggle with appeasing the American public, particularly those in the Gulf States, the company has once again… Continue reading