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Colbert and Kimmel Talk BP Oil Spill

Colbert’s New Game for Kids!

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Lube Job

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Oil on Pensacola Beach

USA Pulls Off a Stunner; Stage 2 Please!

Persevering through yet another future-altering disallowed goal for the US, Landon Donovan finished the job in stoppage time to give the United States a 1-0 win over Algeria and a spot in Stage 2 of the Fifa World Cup.




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Mourning the Moratorium

The 6-month moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling was blocked on Tuesday, allowing many offshore rigs to continue production. It also allows for new deepwater contracts for offshore drilling in the Gulf.


U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman decided that a problem with one oil rig does not mean there are problems in all of them, so the moritorium was blocked.

Judge Martin Feldman’s words, according to The Huffington Post: “If some drilling equipment parts are flawed, is it rational to say all are? Are all airplanes a danger because one was? All oil tankers like Exxon Valdez? All trains? All… Continue reading

BP Oil Spill: Caps, Health, and the New Face of BP

The official estimate of the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico has been raised to 35,000 to 60,000 barrels per day. Chances are, we will not know the actual amount until the spill has been contained.



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