EPIC FAIL: BP Cuts 40,000 Filed Claims

A BP Representative announced at the end of last week that approximately 40,000 of the claims made by victims of the BP Oil Spill might not be paid in full, if at all.


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Instead of living up to their claim that normalcy would be restored to those affected by their oil spill, BP announced that they would be cutting reparations of those who submitted “incomplete claim files.”

While BP continues to struggle with appeasing the American public, particularly those in the Gulf States, the company has once again contradicted itself. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kennneth Feinberg, the BP man in charge of overseeing claims, has announced that the $20 billion chunk of money put aside for BP Oil Spill victims will likely not be enough.

Does this mean BP is cutting many of the reparation checks in order to pass out a larger number of them? Once they realized they would be spending more than $20 billion, did they simply cut down the sizes of the reparation checks by nit-picking the claim files for mistakes? They did if you consider their track record thus far.

BP Oil Spill Update

Oil is still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at maximum rates. According to the Huffington Post, the oil is flowing unrestricted into the Gulf as BP attempts to attach their new and hopeful containment cap.

If all goes well, the new cap will be able to stop the flow completely. BP and the Obama Administration are optimistic that the cap could be in place by the end of this week and could contain the majority of the oil.

Although the new cap might be in place some time this week, it could take up to three weeks for all necessary containment vessels to arrive and assist in stopping the flow of oil completely. Without those, BP has nowhere to store the oil.

The new cap could be the answer, but many variables still remain. Aside from mechanical issues with the technology, weather and well pressure could account for problems as well. Once again, we can only wait.

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One Response to EPIC FAIL: BP Cuts 40,000 Filed Claims

  • Danielle says:

    The backtracking that BP is doing is ridiculous. They have already openly admitted that this was their fault, that because of them this oil spill occurred. They have to have other oil coming into supply the company, why are they not dispursing this to the companies that are losing all their money because they have no oil? Why don’t they use the profits from the other sales to pay off those who have lost their livlihood because of this oil spill. If 20 billion is not enough, then so be it. They need to quit acting like the victims here and just get the job done, and make up for those who cannot.

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