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Facebook Disconnect for Web-browsing Privacy

Facebook users have been quite vocal about the social network’s recent privacy issues, but Google engineer Brian Kennish has come up with a solution that will keep your web browsing information from Facebook without forcing you to delete your Facebook account.

One of Facebook’s most popular features is called “Facebook Connect.” Basically, the feature allows you to post content directly to your Facebook page while you browse the internet. When you read an article online and click the Facebook ‘like’ button to share it with your friends, you are using Facebook Connect.

Privacy, however, is the thorn in Facebook Connect’s… Continue reading

The Facebook Cop-out: “Ad Philosophy”

The group known as “Just Say Now” has been banned from promoting their pro-marijuana advertisement on Facebook, even though the ad was initially approved and shown 38 million times on the social networking site.


Just Say Now is a coalition dedicated to the legalization of marijuana, claiming the change would lower crime near the borders and create around $40 billion in revenue each year. No matter how you feel regarding the subject of marijuana legalization, we can all agree that Just Say Now is making a political statement and should be guarded by free speech.

The organization decided to… Continue reading