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Why The Beatles on iTunes is Big News

Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar/Files

Technology is constantly evolving, making information easier to access and offering entertainment in whole new platforms unfathomable even ten years ago. So why is everyone going nuts about iTunes latest release of music from The Beatles? Because Apple Inc. and The Beatles have not always seen eye to eye, and the world’s largest online music database never offered the most legendary band in the history of music in their database until now, according to a Huffington Post article.

Apple is obviously excited about the new release of Beatles music, which includes “the group’s 13 legendary remastered studio… Continue reading

Blackberry PlayBook: Challenging the Apple iPad

Research in Motion (RIM), the creator of Blackberry phones, is ready to challenge Apple in the tablet market.

It was announced that the Blackberry PlayBook, RIM’s attempt to bridge the gap between smart phones and computers, will be available for purchase early in the first quarter of 2011. It’s key feature? The price.

The Blackberry PlayBook will go on sale starting at less than $500, according to an article from The device will be available domestically in the first quarter of 2011 and will expand internationally in the second quarter, according to

The PlayBook is comparable to the… Continue reading

The Verizon iPad

Verizon is selling the iPad and AT&T is no longer the exclusive carrier of Apple products. On October 28th, Verizon began offering the iPad with an optional mobile WiFi device, called “MiFi.” Now, Verizon is ready to promote their Apple affiliation to the public.

A new commercial from Verizon has been released which should be focusing on the idea that you can avoid huge data charges by using their mobile “MiFi” device wherever you are. But the commercial doesn’t really hit that fact hard, focusing more on the mobility of the Verizon iPad. The commercial shows a man using an… Continue reading

The New Mac App Store: Implications

Steve Jobs and Apple recently announced its intentions to release a Mac App Store, a way for you to download instant-use applications to your Mac just like the iPhone. The Mac App Store should be available for use around the end of January 2010.

Apple hopes their new App store will not only provide a new outlet for people to find apps outside of their iPhones, but will also inspire third-party developers to create fresh and exciting new apps to keep users interested.

According to CNNtech, one of the developers of third-party software leaked the programming guidelines for the… Continue reading

Texting Censorship, by Apple (of Course)

On Tuesday, Apple received a patent they applied for in 2008. Officially titled “Text-based Communication Control for Personal Communication Device,” the patent describes the way Apple plans to help parents rid their children’s text messages of “objectionable content.” Many people believe this patent is geared to stop one thing: “sexting.”

Essentially, the new feature would allow the user of a phone to determine what content is “objectionable” to them and censor that content in future text messages. When said content is discovered in a text message, the objectionable words will be removed or the text will simply not be sent.… Continue reading