Toxic Red Sludge in Hungary

A Toxic Red Sludge spill killed four, destroyed villages, and made its way to the massive Danube River affecting multiple nations.

In Hungary on Monday a reservoir break spewed out a torrent of toxic waste, destroying a nearby town, wreaking havoc on the marine life in the local streams and creeks leading to Eastern Europe’s massive Danube river and killing at least 4 people according to Yahoo! News and the Associated Press.

On Thursday the spill had finally reached the Danube, Europe’s second largest river, leading downstream nations to check the safety of their water supply.

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Dolphins are Talking

Preliminary research has found that when two species of dolphins congregate in the same waters, they actually attempt to communicate in a common language. Bottlenose dolphins typically congregate and socialize with a distant dolphin relative the Guyana dolphin off the coast of Costa Rica.

During some preliminary research it has been noticed that the two dolphins change their normal communication sounds to something that is a mix between both species. This research is the first to hint at the possibility of different species of dolphins communicating with each other.
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Pastor Terry Jones: Digitally Infamous

In Gainesville, Florida, lives a pastor of a small church of 50 people who is obviously a religious fanatic.


His hatred for the nation of Islam has compelled him to claim he will be having a Koran burning this Saturday, September 11, as a memorial for the Word Trade Center attacks 9 years ago. 

Seemingly overnight he became world renowned, with many main stream political figures trying to convince him not to burn the Koran, including President Obama, The Pope, Hillary Clinton, the main General for the Afghanistan war, as well as many religious groups and so on.

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New Solar System Includes Earth-like Planet

If confirmed, this could be the richest system of planets we have discovered outside of our own.


This artist's impression made available by the European Southern Observatory Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2010, shows the remarkable planetary system around the Sun-like star HD 10180. (AP)

A Sun-like star has been spotted by scientists that is said to include 7 orbiting planets, one of which resembles Earth, according to a recent article published in Yahoo! News.

If it is confirmed, the star HD10180’s planetary system would be the richest one found after 15 years of ongoing research.  One astronomer speculates this… Continue reading

Antimatter Research Kicks Off

A massive particle detector designed to help scientists find antimatter is scheduled to dock on the International Space Station February 2011.
A computer generated image showing AMS-02 mounted to the ISS S3 Upper Inboard Payload Attach Site. (Credit: NASA/JSC)


A machine developed to find antimatter in space has just begun its preliminary steps toward its voyage to the International Space Station scheduled for February 2011, according to an article in Yahoo! News.  

The European Center of Nuclear Research, or CERN, has built the 8.3-ton device to be docked onto the International Space Station for twenty years… Continue reading