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Ukraine Troubles Is Boom For One Company

The invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is sending a ripple effect through out Eastern Europe. With the prospects now for possible cold war starting all over again investors brace for sanctions against Russia. And with the already falling economy of the Ukraine, investors and business are bailing out as fast as they can.

During the next few years, the  Ukraine economy will be pushed to its limits. Currently, the Ukraine desperately needs 30 billion in loans to survive, and with ousted former president Viktor Yanukovich having already pulled the country out… Continue reading

Playing the field: Russian women leaving Russian men on the sidelines in Soch

SOCHI, Russia � There is a new sport sweeping these Winter Olympics, and the Russians aren’t faring too well at it. Well, Russian men at least. Russian women are doing just fine.

In between watching Evgeni Plushenko get injured and Russia get Oshie’d and ice dancers twizzle about, Russian women are partaking in an age-old custom: flirting. And according to local women, after looking at what the international scene has to offer, they’re saying Russian men don’t deserve gold, silver or bronze.

It was Anna who first told me this. An Olympic volunteer, she wore the kind of boredom that… Continue reading

To Avoid a Scam, Use A Foreign Affair

When you are considering an international dating company, you need to concern yourself with ways you can avoid internet scams, online dating tricks, or other methods that people can use to take advantage of you.

One of the first things you can do is pick the right agency. There are many to choose from, but there is a small number of them that truly go above and beyond to eliminate “mail order bride” scams. Possibly the most popular and trustworthy is A Foreign Affair. They have been around for over 17 years and have a fantastic reputation.

One… Continue reading

A Foreign Affair Strives to Eliminate Mail Order Bride Scams

If you read around online, you will find many different opinions about A Foreign Affair and their tours, online services, and potential of online dating scams.

While it’s never certain that a company can eliminate 100% of the bad behavior on their dating website, A Foreign Affair comes close.

One of the biggest risks for an international dating agency when it comes to mail order brides scams is working with affiliates. While it’s a very successful, efficient method of hosting tours around the world, it also brings in more employees, more work to be done, and more opportunity for… Continue reading

Risks for an International Dating Agency like A Foreign Affair

The romantic idea of travelling the world to find the woman of your dreams is something more and more men are considering these days. Unlike a local dating website, an international dating agency such as A Foreign Affair must create a way for people to both communicate online but also meet in person. Naturally, there are risks involved, but using a company like A Foreign Affair will be your best way to avoid scams and have a successful experience.

One reason there are risks involved for a foreign bride scam is that many agencies utilize an affiliate program, making it easier and more efficient… Continue reading