A Foreign Affair Strives to Eliminate Mail Order Bride Scams

If you read around online, you will find many different opinions about A Foreign Affair and their tours, online services, and potential of online dating scams.

While it’s never certain that a company can eliminate 100% of the bad behavior on their dating website, A Foreign Affair comes close.

One of the biggest risks for an international dating agency when it comes to mail order brides scams is working with affiliates. While it’s a very successful, efficient method of hosting tours around the world, it also brings in more employees, more work to be done, and more opportunity for someone to take advantage of the tour clients. Because this is a very real risk, A Foreign Affair takes incredible measures to test and check the quality and validity of each individual affiliate office. A Foreign Affair has teams of employees whose FULL-TIME JOBS are to contact the active female members of the website to make sure they are really the ones writing the letters. They simply confirm with the woman that she is truly interested in the men she is communicating with on the website.

That process is just one of the many ways A Foreign Affair avoids mail order bride scams. Another strong way AFA provides safety to its clients is through education. The AFA website,, features extensive text describing the most common red flags to look for and the best ways to avoid scams all-together.

Beyond just written text on the website, A Foreign Affair’s President John Adams and Vice President Bud Patterson have many, many video blogs detailing the specific ways they work for their clients to keep them safe. They also have videos on how to spot common red flags and how to intelligently, thoroughly approach international dating and find success within it. To view some of the videos from A Foreign Affair regarding mail order bride scams and how to avoid them, please click here:

When a client reports suspicious behavior regarding one of the women they’ve been communicating with, AFA immediately attacks the issue head-on and finds out what the problem is. If they discover the member was in fact attempting to somehow  scam one our clients, they are immediately removed from our website.

To learn about all the ways you can avoid scams and successfully meet the woman of your dreams in another country, visit the A Foreign Affair website at and take advantage of the massive amount of content they provide there for free. Good luck!

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