Risks for an International Dating Agency like A Foreign Affair

The romantic idea of travelling the world to find the woman of your dreams is something more and more men are considering these days. Unlike a local dating website, an international dating agency such as A Foreign Affair must create a way for people to both communicate online but also meet in person. Naturally, there are risks involved, but using a company like A Foreign Affair will be your best way to avoid scams and have a successful experience.

One reason there are risks involved for a foreign bride scam is that many agencies utilize an affiliate program, making it easier and more efficient to open and manage new offices all over the world. Inherently, this brings with it risk when more people are being hired and more work is needing to be done.

To ensure the quality of its offices and office staff members, AFA takes measures to test the quality and reliability of the processes taking place at each office. Co-creators John Adams and Kenneth Agee, as well as Vice President Bud Patterson, personally travel to any new office that is opening. They oversee the creation of the office environment, office process, hiring staff, and anything else that needs attention. They also return for visits to check up on each office and take care of any issues that have come up. A Foreign Affair is one of, if not THE only company who does this with their company owners. There is no better way to eliminate scams than to have the most experienced professionals in international dating overseeing the processes involved.

Another risk lies within the pay-per-letter writing system, but A Foreign Affair also has created a process to eliminate those scams as well. AFA employs teams of people whose only job is to contact the women who are active on the AFA website in order to confirm that they are actually the one writing the letters. The Letter writing scam is probably the most common type of mail order bride scam, especially when you consider the fact that men feel that they are falling in love with someone and will do (or pay) anything to make her happy. This is why AFA has hired FULL TEAMS of people to ensure the validity of the active females on the site.

The third major risk faced by international dating companies is that, despite all of the efforts put forth to ensure quality and security, there is no way to be 100% sure. These are dating websites, similar to Match, and with the amount of people involved it’s hard to catch every single thing.

In response to that problem, A Foreign Affair puts extensive efforts into educating their clients in how to avoid any type of online dating scam. By showing men and explaining in detail the specific red flags that they should look for, this adds yet another layer of security for the client. If AFA’s current processes of finding and eliminating scammers from the site fails and a scammer tries to take advantage of a client, the education provided to them will act as a type of safety net and will make the scammers actions very obvious. AFA clients will be able to detect a scam quite easily, and most likely will forward the scammer’s profile to the agency.

It’s a shame to think that people might ignore international dating simply because of the risks. The same exact risks exist on the most popular online dating sites, yet companies like A Foreign Affair actually go above and beyond to protect their customers from danger. If you are considering an international dating tour, definitely consider companies like A Foreign Affair.

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