Has Angry Birds Really Gotten This Popular?

In a video filmed by Electric Pig’s Mike Cooper, a real-life Angry Birds is enjoyed on his son’s birthday. Remember, it’s just a cake.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular smartphone and tablet games around. Basically, you use a slingshot to send “angry birds” across the screen at green pigs. As the story goes, the pigs stole eggs from the birds’ nest, and so the fight begins. You need to break down destructible structures to destroy some of the pigs, and the overall gameplay turns out to be very puzzle-like in the end.

But are smartphone and tablet games really this popular? I think it’s limited to a select few at this point and time, and will continue to be in the future. While certain games attain almost overnight success, most of them fade into the background.

If a free version of a game is offered, the chance for success is much higher. I began playing an unlimited free version of Angry Birds on my phone, but soon after downloaded it onto my iPad. I quickly realized the “free” versions of the game on iPad were limited to a small amount of levels. If I wanted to continue, I had to pay. For me, I only pay for games I know I will play. Angry Birds falls into the category of games that are fun for a while, but get old rather soon.

Either way, this Angry Birds cake is amazing. Check out this video of a father and son enjoying one of the only Angry Birds cakes ever made, and let us know what you think. You can even follow this link to learn how to make your very own Angry Birds cake!

Make Your Own Angry Birds Cake!


4 Responses to Has Angry Birds Really Gotten This Popular?

  • Edwina Deel says:

    Interesting post. I’m looking for an rss feed so i can tell when you’ve made more post on your blog?. I just add my favorite sites to an RSS reader which tells me when there is new content on all the blogs i read…. from my desktop. Thanks.

  • kourtnie says:

    yeah nice

  • Danielle says:

    I love Angry Birds! I was playing the trial one forever, and a friend had the full one and I couldn’t resist. Especially the .99 cents is cost to download to my iphone. It was fun. But you are right Chris, once I played the game and beat all the levels I don’t play as much. But it is like Solitaire to me. Sometimes I play it, and sometimes I don’t but I always play it:) I love the video….that was pretty cool, but I think if I made something like that….I don’t know if I would let anyone play ‘it’! It reminds me of the “Cake Boss” TV show….they have the coolest cakes!! Go Angry Birds!

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