WorldView Tech: The Facebook Privacy Resistence

If you are one of the millions complaining about Facebook and its privacy settings, just stop using it.



The recent mistake made on the social network, which allowed users to view private information and chat conversations of other users for a few hours, has increased the pressure mounting on Facebook, their privacy settings, and the redirection of users’ personal information to other sites. 

Using personal information of Facebook members for commercial gain is inappropriate, but the responsibility is in the hands of the network’s users. Only the members of Facebook who post personal information can be blamed for the need for advanced privacy settings. 

The obsessive love Facebook has received from its users is the only reason it is currently having issues with its privacy settings. Fans of the site have enjoyed it so much that they’ve created a privacy problem. 

They don’t want to release their private information, but they won’t stop using Facebook. As a result, the members want Facebook to cater to their needs. 

There is a furious group with over 2 million members against Facebook’s ever-changing, ever-curious privacy settings – their page can be found on Facebook. 

We can’t even create a group against Facebook without using Facebook. 

People are having problems with the privacy of their information, but is it really so bad if the world knows you hated Avatar? Or that you like Thai food, but not Italian? 

Nobody should post important information of any kind on Facebook. If you do, it is your own ignorance that has put the information at risk. 

Everyone is up in arms about Facebook not providing proper privacy settings, yet we are the ones putting our sensitive information online in the first place. 

People should either use Facebook and stop complaining, or stop using Facebook.

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2 Responses to WorldView Tech: The Facebook Privacy Resistence

  • Ann Marie says:

    My kids keep telling me how old fashioned I am for not using the internet more. But with no
    banking online and no social networks , when these problems arise, I have nothing to
    worry about. I am probably wrong, but I don’t care how secure a site says it is, I don’t
    trust it. And I keep reading about all these “secure sites” being hacked into and info
    stolen. I guess the older I get, peace of mind trumps “computer convenience” anyday!

  • Danielle says:

    That is such a great point. I have a Facebook account, but I don’t have anything on there that I wouldn’t care if someone read. What information on there is so bad that people don’t want others to know. We have people that we don’t wish to hear from etc., but if a person is on Facebook it is time to grow and realize that this is not a secure bank site, or government web site. You couldn’t have said it better, this is a social network…..move on people.

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