The New Mac App Store: Implications

Steve Jobs and Apple recently announced its intentions to release a Mac App Store, a way for you to download instant-use applications to your Mac just like the iPhone. The Mac App Store should be available for use around the end of January 2010.

Apple hopes their new App store will not only provide a new outlet for people to find apps outside of their iPhones, but will also inspire third-party developers to create fresh and exciting new apps to keep users interested.

According to CNNtech, one of the developers of third-party software leaked the programming guidelines for the new App store, explaining that the same strict rules for the iPhone apps essentially applied to the new Mac Apps. This will annoy programmers since the original App store is notorious for its strict creation guidelines.

The implications of Apple’s move to create a Mac-based app store seem pretty significant, according to popular technology news sources like and CNNtech. If the Mac App Store is a significant success, many believe Apple could close off the Mac completely, only allowing applications downloaded from their online store to run on the device. Others find this notion to be completely bonkers and would never predict Apple to make this move.

On the surface, the idea of an App Store for Mac is just natural. The iPhone exploded with so much popularity, particularly with its applications, that Apple actually copyrighted the phrase “There’s an app for that.” But the real question is whether these applications will have success on full computers.

Applications were created to make accessing online tools and information easier on mobile devices, since phones are significantly more difficult to navigate with. The applications are generally designed for quick download, quick use, and quick accessibility. Instead of opening up your phone’s web browser, typing in a website, waiting for it to load, then finding what you need, you can simply open the application and find what you’re looking for.

On a Mac, however, you can use Safari to surf the web and find what you’re looking for. A large keyboard, mouse pad, and large screen make things easy to navigate, unlike your smartphone. So, wouldn’t you think the Mac App store is a bit…unnecessary?

One year ago, I would have said yes. Today, I would say no. Americans are in love with apps. I don’t think Apple snagged “There’s an app for that” just because they think it’s clever. Everyone is using apps and every company is making one. I don’t personally use applications, but that’s only because I don’t have a smartphone. If I did, I would be using them to keep up to date on my EPL fantasy team, tech news, Twitter, Facebook…I’m sure there are at least fifty apps I’ve never heard of that I would use. I understand their function as quick portals to the things we love.

Although an App Store for Mac is not a necessary feature, it will bring Apple a ton of revenue, new users, and will keep them on the top of popular computer technology.

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